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Since the formation of the Hillsboro Community Foundation $958,659 has been given back to the community through grants and scholarships.

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Hillsboro Community Foundation

Hillsboro Community Foundation was formed in early 2004 with 7 board members. It was announced at a special meeting of community leaders on May 3, 2004 and from that meeting 19 households contributed startup seed money of $2,250. This money was used to fund brochures and promotional materials in time to announce the formation of the Foundation to more than 400 attendees at the Hillsboro High School all-school reunion later that month.

It’s difficult to consider our history without transitioning quickly into our hopes for the future. Our success is in our people. Board members have made hundreds of personal calls to tell our story to prospective donors. Beneficiaries of our grants have become some of our greatest promoters. Donors have taken ownership of something they didn’t believe possible to start—all in the interest of fulfilling our Impact Fund Campaign theme “Building our Community By Connecting Donors Who Care with Causes that Matter.”

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