June 1, 2024

Raymond Wiebe

Kathy Decker, Keith Harder, and Raymond Wiebe

Growing up, Raymond Wiebe and his brother David developed a life-long passion for Mennonite and local history.  Their inspiration came from their father, David V. Wiebe, who devoted much of his time to collecting historical data, and writing and publishing books on early Mennonite settlements in Kansas.

In his adult years, David taught high school in several Kansas towns, but came back each summer from 1984 to 2002 while serving as Director of Museums for the City of Hillsboro. He passed away in 2011, leaving part of his estate to his brother Raymond. 

Raymond, a local historian and author, decided to use his portion of the estate to honor his brother and provide support for the Adobe House Museum and Hillsboro Museums Board.  In 2012, he donated $50,000 to the Hillsboro Community Foundation to endow the David F. Wiebe Memorial Fund for Hillsboro Pioneer Adobe House and Museum.

Earnings from the endowment may be used for museum exhibits, wages and staffing, marketing and promotion, and other projects.  It was Raymond’s hope that the fund will help ensure the future of the Adobe House Museum and preserve the history of the Mennonite culture for many years to come.